terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017

Get More Sales Calls From Your Website. Averaging 30% More Inbound Calls

BusinessCreator Releases a New Website Engagement Widget, Designed to Increase Website Engagement and Sales

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A., President and Owner of BusinessCreator, Inc. and ForLawFirmsOnly is proud to announce a new offering, BounceHelp, a program designed to increase website engagement and sales.

Edward Kundahl stated, “Website owners lose at least 25 percent of potential customers every day. The average website owner is losing at least 25 percent of potential customers from their websites and landing pages, and don’t even know it. When companies focus on driving traffic to their website, costing money, converting website visitors is often overlooked. Unfortunately, a large number of businesses do not focus on using all the tools available to maximize conversions. With Bouncehelp, your website can now generate more business. Bouncehelp delivers website engagement tools that guarantee increased phone calls from your website traffic, quickly connecting visitors, otherwise lost, with your business. In addition, site retention time goes up and bounce rate down. Both are factors in Google's search engine ranking.  The net result will be higher organic ranking, even more traffic and better conversions.”

“Every website visitor will be prompted to connect with you within seconds. 97 percent of visitors tend to leave your website without making the desired action, so it’s a good idea to try to catch them at that time. Bouncehelp monitors visitor’s behavior, once an exit intent has been triggered, the Exit Monitor displays a targeted offer or a question to your visitor. Engaging your visitor, Bouncehelp invites him or her to get a call from a company within 9 seconds. Engaging and converting abandoning website visitors into leads, that could have bought from your competition, increases profits, and is just “Smart Business,” concluded Kundahl.

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