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Fear of Driving with Anxiety

Helpful Tips to Eliminate Your Fear of Driving a Car

Fear of driving a car is common among many drivers yet very debilitating at the same time. People with driving phobia know just how deeply it can affect their career, happiness, social life, and general well-being due to their burden.

In spite of their suffering, most people will not take the necessary steps to address it. As a result they relinquish their personal power and commute via public transportation, avoiding places that require driving, and end up staying indoors feeling left out, resentful, and generally bad.

This is truly a shame since driving phobia can indeed be successfully treated and cured. There's no reason to let life pass you by due to fear of driving a car. Like many phobias, it's simply a temporary state of mind that doesn't have to last a lifetime.

In reality, it's completely up to the person who struggles with it to take a stand and make the decision to stop letting it affect their life. Are you one of these people?

If you too struggle with driving phobia, understand that the power to overcome it is within you, it has been all along. However, it is you who has to make the commitment to yourself in order to eliminate it forever.

As mentioned earlier, overcoming your driving phobia is entirely up to you. Here are a few insightful tips to get you safely back on the road.

1. Take Slow Deep Breaths

If you find yourself noticing the initial signs of fear starting to take hold (nausea, stomach pains, sweating, and nervousness), inhale deeply and try to relax. Breathe in and out slowly and calmly. Science proves that mindfully taking a deep breath and centering yourself actually stabilizes your heart rate while allowing you to relax at the same time.

2. Ask a Friend to Go Along

Consider getting a driving buddy so you won't have to face your fears alone. In fact, many people have a great fear of driving by themselves. Ask someone in your family or perhaps a friend to accompany you on your journey. Not only will you feel less fearful, but it will increase your confidence as well.

3. Listen to Music

Try listening to soft, relaxing music while driving. Music has the power to deeply impact moods and feelings. Choosing a style of music that you can easily relax to while you're behind the wheel will influence you more than you think - in a good way. It lowers your overall stress while letting you enjoy yourself.

4. Take Small Steps to Eliminate Your Driving Fears

You will reach your goal of completely eliminating your driving fears by taking small steps rather than huge strides. Many people with driving fears simply give up driving altogether.

This is the wrong approach and will essentially perpetuate your condition and hinder your healing process. It might be best to start out using the car for only short periods of time and work your way up from there.

Drive to a nearby grocery store or just around the block. If you must, pull over and take a break if you feel your fear returning. This course of action will train your mind to gradually let your fears go.

Remember, overcoming your fear of driving is up to you. Take action and make the clear decision that you are going to face your fears head-on, and take the necessary steps to do so. In general, driving should ideally be a pleasurable experience for everyone - including you.

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