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Chiropractor unlocks secret to reducing migraines naturally and quickly

With a 30-year history of chiropractic care, Dr Jeff Finnigan has devoted his life to headache and migraine relief. Using a structured plan that combines healthy eating, exercise, developing a positive mental focus, along with sleep and breathing, Dr Finnigan aims to improve your health, as just a part of the treatment for moving beyond pills as a solution. His book ‘ Life Beyond Headaches’ was endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, and he has instructed doctors throughour Australia, the US and the Middle East.

More information is available at 4Migraine.com 

Oregon Head and Neck specialist and headache chiropractor Dr Jeff Finnigan, who has devoted his life to helping cure debilitating headaches and migraines has released his best-selling eBook ‘Life Beyond Headaches’ as an e-learning course. Helping thousands to resolve their long-standing bouts of headaches, this course enables sufferers to regain control, reconnect with family and friends, and to avoid chemical use for natural migraine relief.

Launched in June, the Beyond Headaches eCourse is an in-depth headache and migraine treatment program that enables sufferers to follow a series of healthy action steps towards being headache free. Based on the best-selling self-help book, the course features six steps, all, of which, address the underlying causes of headaches and migraines.

Presented in video format, the Beyond Headaches free learning course comes in a series of short videos. The first is an introduction, followed by living life beyond headaches, and reaching the goal of being independent. The other videos discuss chemistry, balance, alignment and overall structure, as well as determination. All of these videos are a tour of what the Beyond Headaches website can offer visitors looking to find a solution to their debilitating conditions.

Also, site visitors have the opportunity to download the first two chapters of Dr Jeff Finnigan’s ebook ‘ Life Beyond Headaches’, as well as register for a telephone consultation. The consultants at Beyond Headaches then strive to find the right solution for every individual’s needs. Both offers are gifts and come without any obligation.

When asked about the course, Jennifer, a Beyond Headaches users said, “I suffered from migraines for a long time. Suffering from almost a headache a day, so I visited Dr Finnigan, now I no longer take medication, and I rarely have headaches. In fact, I would say I’m over 80% cured.”

To find out more about the free migraine remedy course and specialist treatment, visit http://4migraine.com.